Equality Matters 

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Free service for your company*

  • Do your contracts of employment conform to the new legal requirements?
  • How good are your job descriptions?
  • Are your application forms fair and unbiased?
  • Are you spending too much time recruiting new staff?
  • Do you have an equal opportunities policy?
  • Do you have a maternity leave policy?
  • How do you handle requests for paternity leave?
  • Can you show that your employment practices are fair and free from discrimination?
This free and confidential service would be provided over 7 days in a number of stages:
  1. Introductory session to identify your company's expectations and aims of the audit and agree the time scales.
  2. Preliminary review to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your employment practices and policies in relation to equal opportunities.
  3. Talk to your staff through focus groups to identify if policies are put into practice (optional).
  4. Final report will be produced which will details the review of policies including gaps and recommendations, the current and incoming employment legislation, give examples of good practice that promote diversity and equality within the workplace and advise on implementing the recommendations.

If you don't know the answer to these questions then you need to talk to us now......

* If your company employs under 250 people and is locate in the following wards:

Hammersmith & Fulham: College Park and Old Oak, White City and Shepherds Bush.
Brent: Alperton, Stonebridge, and Tokyngton
Ealing: Vale and Victoria

All subject to postcode checker to check the location of your company.

For further information please contact 020 8753 4810 and quote Equality Matters.

The advice and recommendations given through the Equality Matters project does not give a full statement of the law. It is intended for guidance only and is not a substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting on the basis of the advice can be accepted by the consultant or the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

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