Diversity in the workplace makes economic sense 

  • Diversity is valuing everyone as an individual - valuing people from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, values, and beliefs as assets to companies not liabilities.

Why diversity training?

Short training courses can provide the starting position for companies to integrate the concept of diversity into their business objectives. It provides a clear message to your staff that diversity is important and that discrimination within the workplace will not be tolerated.

Regenasis run a wide range of diversity and equality training courses to enable staff to fully understand and practice diversity within the workplace.

We can tailor our training modules to meet the specific needs of your organisation and provide flexible training for all levels of your staff.

We have an excellent track record in delivering diversity training and diversity audits for companies. Our diversity training is always fully evaluated and past analysis showed that 90% of our participants found the training useful and 95% would recommend the training to their colleagues.


The core topics of our diversity training programmes include:

  • An introduction to the concept of diversity in the workplace
  • The difference between diversity and equal opportunities
  • The business case for managing diversity
  • Recognising prejudices and how to tackle them
  • Ways to address unnecessary barriers and discriminatory practices
  • Understanding what constitutes harassment and bullying and tools for addressing discriminatory behaviour
  • Employment law - both an individual and company's responsibilities.
  • The benefits of work life balance and family friendly practices.
The training can be delivered in house or at our training venue and includes group and individual exercises, case studies, discussion groups, quizzes and diversity checklists.


A breathe of fresh air to the Housing department. We are glad that in participating, staff have gained a better understanding of diversity and the need for it to be integrated in the workplace. The Regenasis Diversity team were professional, flexible and fully understood the diversity issues surrounding the department. This training is an important tool in ensuring the eradication of any discriminatory practices occurring within the workplace and in delivery of housing services, both now and in the future.
Head of HR, Housing Department, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

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